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IJMB Subjects combination

List of IJMB Available Courses

With right combinations of A/Level subjects, students will be able to pursue their degree programmes in their chosen universities.  A/L Programme: Students on this programme are required to register and sit for three (3) A/L subjects in the examination. These subjects must be chosen from the list provided at the right pane here, and relevant to the undergraduate programmes they wish to go for in the universities.

You may need to consult the brochure for necessary guidance regarding subjects that are relevant to your proposed degree programme. However, you will still need to check specific details regarding each university under your consideration. You can also contact us for counseling. O/L Programme: Students having deficiencies in O/Level English Language and Mathematics in their WAEC, NECO or NABTEB examinations can sit for these subjects. Such students are not necessarily A/L students. You can register for one or both O/Level subjects, depending on the number of deficiencies.



PA      =       Public Admin

BAF     =       Banking and Finance

MK      =       Marketing

AE      =       Agric Eng/Science

MC      =       Mass Comm

URP     =       Urban Reg. Plan.



1            O/L English only

2            O/L Math only

3            O/L English and Maths

4            Acct; Bus. Mgt; A/L Maths       Acct; Bus. Admin;  PA, BAF, MK

5            Acct; Bus. Mgt; Econ    Acct; Bus. Admin; Econs,  PA, BAF, Mk

6            Acct; Bus. Mgt; Geog    Acct; Bus. Admin;  PA, BAF, Mk

7            Acct; Bus. Mgt; Govt    Acct; Bus. Admin;  Public Admin, BAF, MK

8            Acct; Bus. Mgt; Sociology       Acct; Bus. Admin;  Sociology, PA, BAF, MK

9            Acct; Econs; A/L Maths  Acct; Bus. Admin;  Econs;  PA, BAF, MK URP

10          Acct; Econs; Geog       Acct; Bus. Admin;  Econs, PA, BAF, MK, MC

11          Acct; Econs; Govt       Acct; Bus. Admin;  Econs, BAF, MK, MC

12          Acct; Econs; Sociology  Acct; Bus. Admin;  Econs; Sociology, PA, BAF

13          Acct; Geog; A/L Maths   Accts Bus. Admin; Geog, PA BAF, MK, URP

14          Acct; Geog; Govt        Acct; Bus. Admin;  Geog, Public Admin, BAF, MK

15          Acct; Geog; Sociology   Acct; Bus. Admin;  Sociology Geog, PA, BAF, MK

16          Acct; Govt; A/L Maths   Acct; Bus. Admin;  Public Admin, BAF, MK

17          Acct; Govt; Sociology   Acct; Bus. Admin;  Sociology Pol Sci, Inter. Studies; Public Admin; Mass Comm, BAF, MK

18          Biology; Chemistry; A/L Maths   Medicine, Vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem, Micro biology, Agricultural Science, Text. Sc. Single Honour

19          Biology; Chemistry; Geography   Agric Sci., Archaeology, Biochem, Micro Biology, Physiology, single honours

20          Biology; Chemistry; Geology     Single Honours in any of the three subject, Biochem, Micro biology, Tex. Sc., Physiology, Agric Sc., Archaeology

21          Biology; Chemistry; Physics     Medicine, Vet. Medicine, Agric. Science, Engineering Textile Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Biochem, Geology, Agricultural Science, Archaeology, Microbiology, Single Honours

22          Bus. Mgt; Econs. A/L Maths      Bus. Admin; Econs, Acct, URP, BAF, MK

23          Bus. Mgt; Econs; Geography      Bus. Admin; Econs, Acct, URP, BAF, MK

24          Bus. Mgt; Econs; Government     Bus. Admin; Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, Public Admin; Econs; Mass Com, Acct., BAF, MK

25          Bus. Mgt; Econs; Sociology      Bus. Admin; Single Honours, Acct., PA, BAF

26          Bus. Mgt; Geog; A/L Maths       Bus. Admin; Environmental Sciences, Acct, PA, BAF, MK

27          Bus. Mgt; Geog; Government      Public Admin; Sociology, MK, Acct, BAF, MK

28          Bus. Mgt; Geog; Sociology       Bus. Admin; Sociology, MK, Acct, BAF, MK

29          Bus. Mgt; Government; Sociology         Bus. Admin; Public Admin; Sociology; Pol. Sc., Inter. Studies, MK, Acct, BAF

30          Chem; Geog; Physics     Envl Sc; Engr; Agric Sc; Archaeology Text. Sc. Single Honour

31          Chem; Geog; Physics     Envl Sc; Engr; Agric Sc; Archaeology Text. Sc. Single Honour

32          Chem; Geology; A/L Maths        Envl Sc; Engr; Agric Sc; Archaeology Text. Sc.